qoguhate (qoguhate) wrote in ru_gamma,

Портреты знаменитостей, Quest Pistols 2011 (898951)

Как бы выглядели знаменитости, если бы сейчас была эпоха Возрождения

Quest Pistols - Он рядом (2011)

Студенты-медики объясняют, почему в России нельзя болеть

Svetophi: представь, что ты написала крутой антивирус LightLana Safety Guard. Как бы ты его описала, чтобы я купил?
LightLana: LightLana Safety Guard has exactly the same functions as any other antiviral software. It tries to find viruses or trojans and sometimes it works. Sometimes it fails so sometimes you'll need to buy a new computer or renew some information. But our software won't interrupt you work with these incredibly annoying sounds like "Hrrrruuuuuu!" or machine voice that wakes you up at 3 o'clock with "Y-o-u 'v-e g-o-t a v-i--r-u-s!". It'll just delete it, heal it or simply ignore it - after all, it's just a computer virus, it won't kill you.
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